Explore wide range of Silk Sarees For Wedding

Explore wide range of Silk Sarees For Wedding

Which is the best Saree?

Want to look beautiful yet traditional in the upcoming family function? Do you love Indian attire but want a festive and elegant touch? Well, being Indian and traditional goes hand in hand. But getting a beautiful makeover in traditional attire can never be complete without a silky touch.

 If you have been wondering all around about what to wear at your bestie's wedding then Silk Saree should be your first choice. A vibrant silky saree with some traditional jewelry is all that you need to have a festive or wedding look. But buying one and keeping it new as always is no less than a brain teaser. But you need not worry since we have got your back here.

How delicate is your favorite silk saree?

Well, be it any dress, it's always essential to keep them clean and handle them well. But when it comes to silk saree, the handle and care become the utmost important part.

Why silk is expensive?

Silk sarees are worn by silk thread obtained from silkworms. Such delicate threads need to be handled with care to keep the sik saree new as freshly purchased. But before you turn down millions of web pages to find the right tips here is a list of some most important ones.

How do you maintain a silk saree?

  • To keep your  silksaree fresh, make sure to dry clean it after every use, and store them wrapped separately in a soft muslin or cotton bag. Avoid using plastic storage bags to prevent staining of your saree.
  • Always keep in mind to unwrap your silk saree and let it breathe in fresh air and light and unfold it to avoid crease lines and tarnish.
  • If you are a beginner then dry cleaning is just the right way of cleaning your silk saree but if you are confident enough, then you can go ahead with washing them in lukewarm water and light shampoo.
  • Use naphthalene balls in your wardrobe to keep it safe from moths and other insects.
  • Keep in mind to always iron your silk saree after washing and then hang them in your wardrobe instead of folding and wrinkling them up.

Get rid of hard stains of silk saree

Did your child drop sauce on your saree? Well, attending parties and ruining your dress with irritating hard food stains is just a common thing. But what if the stains are too hard to wash out? You don't need to worry, since we are here to back you up. Here is what you must follow to stay safe.

  • Whether it is curry or ketchup, all you need to do is apply some toothpaste to the stain and let it dry.
  • Do not forget to apply the paste on both sides of your silk saree. Rub it well and let it stay there for a while.
  • Wash it well and iron your favorite silk saree for the next occasion.
  • If the stain has become light and not given completely, repeat the above steps once again and you will get the best result.
  • After you get it all cleaned and ironed, store them well in cotton or muslin bags to prevent blackening of the embroidery work.


Trips and tricks to keep your saree soft

Buying a new silk saree sounds thrilling and feels overwhelming, but what if they start losing their shine with regular use. Starchy stiff sarees look pretty cool and give you a formal look for some decent occasions, but if there is a little party you need to have a more festive drape.

A brand new silk saree is pretty stiff to let you flaunt your curves and look beautiful at the same time. But you surely have a leeway to make your silk sarees soft by removing their starchy stiff look by a simple trick.

  • Take out your new  silk saree and dip it in lukewarm water for a while.
  • Add 5-10ml of vinegar to the water and let it sit for 3-5 minutes.
  • Take it out from vinegar water and rinse it well in running cold water.
  • Remove excess water and tap it gently with a soft dry towel.
  • Hang the silk saree and let it dry completely if you wish to iron it well with a steam iron.


How can you reuse silk sarees?

Having a silk saree is surely a thing of pride but taking care of it is no less than a herculean task. And if you have been successful in keeping it like new for a long time it feels too bad to remove it from your wardrobe. But here is a way to keep your favorite stuff in your wardrobe for as long as you desire but in different forms. Yes, you read that right, you can now use your silk sarees to form a variety of dresses with all new different looks. Check out the list to try a hand on them.

  • Anarkali
  • Skirts
  • Crop tops
  • Mini dress
  • Kurti
  • Lehenga

You can easily use your old silk sarees to design all the above outfit styles. Mix and match some latest designs with your favorite saree piece to create a beautiful new outfit. It has been a trend to showcase such styles by models in various fashion weeks. You can easily get inspired from any of these shows and style yourself like any of the top models.

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