About Us

Aryavart takes its inspiration from the pages of Indian history and we endeavor to be a brand, empowering traditional artisans and reinventing Indian handcrafted creations.

Aryavart brings to you exquisite, handmade, handwoven creations directly from the artisans. Our designs amalgamate ethnic elements, contemporary elegance, and great quality. We are a craft-conscious enterprise that ventures through the sub-continent, into different rural communities, reviving and rejuvenating craftspeople and textile weavers, helping build local economies and creating employment opportunities.

Aryavart is focused on a saree revival, bringing to forte this elegant and timeless six yards of fabric in a myriad of hues, weaves, patterns, fabrics, and traditions. We will also have collections of ready to wear designs in Kurtis, fusion wear and accessories. All our creations embody premier quality statement pieces that resonate tradition.