Organza hand painted sarees

Organza sarees are famous for their ultra-sophisticated look and sheer glint. The hand-painted sarees are handled and painted by expert artists. These hand-painted sarees are known for their elegance and rich legacy that has been maintained since the beginning.

These hand-painted sarees are available in attractive and vibrant colors with sharp detailing of the art painted upon the sarees. This saree is famous among all the women from all over the world. Once draped it gives a classy look with a modern touch. The artwork painted on the sarees has different traditional and modern designs.

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Explore wide range of Silk Sarees For Wedding
Want to look beautiful yet traditional in the upcoming family function? Do you love Indian attire but want a festive and elegant touch? Well, being Indian and traditional goes hand in hand. But getting a beautiful makeover in traditional attire can never be complete without a silky touch.
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Enhance Your Beauty with Elegant Chiffon Saree

Sarees not only enhance your look but also give you a touch of glamour.

Sarees are worn these days not just to give a traditional look but also a modern and classy ethnic look as well. Even the most modern lady will have at least one saree in her collection. Saree adds a different and unique elegance.

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5 Useful Tips for Buying Handloom Saree

A 'handloom' is a loom that is used to weave cloth without the use of any electricity. ... Fabrics woven out of hand spun yarn on handlooms are called “khadi”, while mill spun yarn woven on handlooms are called “handloom” fabrics.

identifying a handwoven garment is to look at its Bevar or edges. Handloom sarees are woven by pinning the saris to the loom. Thus, usually spotting pinholes along the edges can identify handloom sarees. Certain kinds of weaving techniques are only possible on the handloom.

Handloom sarees often have extra threads left at the end of the pallu, which can be used for making tassels.

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Why Cotton Sarees Are the Best
 A good quality saree remains intact for a long time. Sarees whether they are pure weaves or designer ones, retain most of its luster and newness even after a decade. Cost Effectiveness: - The Cotton Sarees are cheaper, more affordable and nominally priced in comparison to most other garments or ensembles
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