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Organza hand painted sarees

Organza hand painted sarees

April 08, 2021

Who doesn't like sarees? On top of that if it's a hand-painted saree! It is just like icing on the cake! Sarees are favorite among young and aged alike. It goes on any occasion and function. One doesn't have to decide what to wear if they have a good collection of sarees.

The wardrobe of every Indian woman must have at least one saree that they keep for special occasions. This Indian culture of Sarees is now been adopted in different foreign countries. Not just the traditional ones, there are some stylish sarees and different draping styles that have added a modern look to it.

This wrap-around fabric is segregated according to the type of fabric material used in its weaving. Each fabric has its importance. The different fabrics used are

  • Pure Cotton
  • Silk
  • Nylon
  • Rayon
  • Net
  • Crepe
  • Linen
  • Satin
  • Lycra
  • Georgette
  • Cotton Silk
  • Cotton mix
  • Chiffon

Sarees are among the most selected and preferred outfits for any lady. It can give you a classy and sassy look in whichever function you opt to wear a saree. You need not have to have a second thought if you have a saree at your rescue as an event outfit for any function.

Organza sarees are specially fabricated keeping the requirements and choices of its valued customers as their objective. As the name suggests, 'ORGANZA' giving you a hint that it is pure made from organic and biocompatible materials. Organza sarees are made of a special fabric which the brand named organza. Organza is derived using different fabrics which include silk and few synthetic filament fibers like nylon and polyester.

The Organza firm has reached among the top leading industries doing saree business. This has become possible only because of its valued customers and their valuable trust towards Organza. Organza fabric is woven in several mills along the banks of river Yangtze River and also in the Zhejiang province of China.

Organza's hand-painted Saree

Organza sarees are famous for their ultra-sophisticated look and sheer glint. The hand-painted sarees are handled and painted by expert artists. These hand-painted sarees are known for their elegance and rich legacy that has been maintained since the beginning.

These hand-painted sarees are available in attractive and vibrant colors with sharp detailing of the art painted upon the sarees. This saree is famous among all the women from all over the world. Once draped it gives a classy look with a modern touch. The artwork painted on the sarees has different traditional and modern designs.

Why should you opt for hand-painted sarees?

India has a vast variation in its culture as compared to other countries because of its diversity throughout the country. There is diverse variation in language, religion, belief, music, including food and clothing. Artists have been using their art forms to depict the diversity of the country. Similarly decorating sarees with hand-painted art forms onto them has its origin way back in history. Earlier only two types of methods were used that is the coloring and patterning different designs and patterns.


The artists do not just paint a particular pattern into the hand-painted sarees but sometimes they paint the whole story in the form of a painting depicting the emotion behind the art. We as responsible citizens should buy, wear and promote the hard efforts they take in painting these sarees. This will not only encourage them but will keep the culture of hand-painted Sarees alive.


You should opt for this hand-painted saree as they give you an ultra-sophisticated look and also promotes the artists and will indirectly help in keeping the culture of hand-painted sarees alive. Organza is the right and best destination if you are looking for hand-painted sarees.



Why there is a surge in the demand for organza sarees

There is a vast collection of hand-painted sarees by Organza. You can choose your favorite hand-painted saree from our collection and get it delivered to your doorstep. So why wait? Grab your hand-painted sarees right now and shine bright at your parties and functions.

Organza craftsmen traditionally play around with their designs that are ethnic and abstract giving an aesthetic appearance. The Organza sarees are not vibrant and attractive but are also quite affordable providing the best quality best price.

Is organza saree the latest fashion trend?

Well, what comes in limelight and what goes off-road can never be decided on a single point. An old-style can always be used as a renewed fashion statement. But if you are one of those who wish to stay style updated, then organza sarees are just the right thing to pick for the latest fashion statement. With a fabric of almost transparent look and beautifully hand-painted floral designs, organza sarees have lastly made a huge impression on every fashionista woman.

 Be it a party or an ethnic dress’s code, you can just go blindly with any hand-painted organza saree. But wait, how can you go on doe any occasion in just a single saree? Well, we have got you the right suggestions to pick wisely what to wear and what to avoid while going for a special occasion.

  • If you plan for a formal evening, always opt for a light-colored hand-painted organza saree. It will give you a soft yet organic and decent look. Mostly white or creme color will suit the occasion. Never opt for loud color options for a decent evening look.
  • If you need to attend a wedding function and can't choose what to wear then a bright colored organize saree with minimal jewelry. Light makeup and a hand-painted saree are enough to give you a complete look.

Be it any place or any occasion all you need to have a good choice of colors and organza sarees to complete your look. If you have already got one it's great, but it's never too late to shop for more of the latest designs and prints. Just drape the saree well and you are all set to go for your next party.

 Washing and storing tips

Hand-painted sarees are delicate and fragile. They should be handled carefully while washing and storing. Here's to give you some tips for washing your hand-painted sarees.

  • Always hand washes your hand-painted sarees separately.
  • Do not machine wash.
  • Use liquid detergent instead of the regular hard detergents which hamper the fabric and may cause discoloration.
  • Follow the washing instructions given on the label by the manufacturers.
  • Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Store away from perfumes, sprays, and mothballs or the naphthalene balls.


If you are looking for hand-painted sarees, then check on to Organza sarees. They have a vast range of eye-catching designs. These sarees are made of top-quality fabrics by highly skilled artisans, available at an affordable price. The price of the sarees depends on the type of fabric, the design intricacies painted by the artisans, and any other additional work is done on it.

Why worry when the Organza saree is at your rescue. Grab your hand-painted sarees, suit up and grace the occasion with Organza sarees with top quality fabrics. Update your wardrobe with different unique designs and patterns of hand-painted sarees painted by our highly qualified artisans of Organza.

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