Aryavart proudly takes you through the tales of our linen creations. Close to our heart and inspired by our imagination, the collection of handloom linen sarees will leave you fascinated. One of the world’s oldest fabrics, the diverse use of linen in fashion stems from its versatile nature used to create a variety of garments. Made of fibers of the flax plant or linseed, it is adaptable, sturdy, durable, absorbent, and can be embroidered or printed on to create unique designs. Linen is a very rich fabric with a beautiful sheen of its own, perfect for a summer afternoon and a winter evening too.

The Aryavart linen collection explores the combination of subtle elegance with striking panache. The graceful sophistication that comes clad in a linen saree is perhaps equaled by few other fabrics. And its versatility makes accessorizing a linen saree an imaginative journey for the wearer.

Team up a classic linen saree with a contrasting blouse, tank tops, halter necklines, a lace paneled blouse or a chic off shoulder piece.

Accessorizing a linen saree is effortless and exciting because of the variety of jewelry it complements. Select a classy set of pearls, sparkling silver ornaments, or radiant gold jewelry. The choices are limitless.

The élite aura of a linen saree has diverse adaptability suit any occasion. Linen with zari or jamdani work can be worn to a wedding complemented with beautiful jewelry. Style it with contemporary accessories and blouses with swanky necklines for an evening party. Make a statement at your workplace by sporting a formal and sophisticated linen saree.

Choose an Aryavart linen saree for your next event and carry off your look with élan.


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